Previous HIEST seminars - Aiemmat HIEST -seminaarit


Marraskuu 15 November 2023, RUU E314 Isa & Zoom, 10:1511:45

The evolution of sustainability practices in Finnish and Swedish business schools: an investigation of organizational culture, individual agency and organizational structure. Jiawen Wu
On site location: RUU E314 Isa
Zoom: Registration link

Lokakuu 31 October 2023, Ag D121.1 & Zoom, 14:15–15:45

The HIEST/miNET Seminar

First-Generation Migrant Family Students in Higher Education on Their Educational Journey in Finland
Golaleh Makrooni (PhD in education, Tampere University)

Creatively, Constructively, but Critically Bringing Actionable Options into View: Visualizing An Incremental Approach to Valid Explanation-Building Aimed at Racism in Finland
David Hoffman, Quivine Ndomo, Heidi Säntti, Anna Ruotanen, Jawaria Khan, Maria Lima Toivanen, Maria Marouli and Taina Saarinen (This presentation is an interdisciplinary collaboration of research in progress by miNET members.)

On site location: Agora D121.1 Pertti Kettusen sali
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Lokakuu 18 October 2023, RUU E314 Isa & Zoom, 14:1515:45

Comparing Finnish and Chinese national teacher education curricula from the teacher competency perspective
Yan Wang (Doctoral researcher, JYU)
On site location: RUU E314 Isa
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Syyskuu 26 September 2023, RUU E314 Isa & Zoom, 10:15–11:45

Exploring the Geographies of Internationalisation
Hanne Kirstine Adriansen (Associate professor, Aarhus University, Denmark)
Lene Møller Madsen (Associate professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Syyskuu 20 September 2023, RUU A310 Rauha & Zoom, 14-15

University Student Engagement: Attenuating Student Burnout effects on Academic Efficacy and Drop out
Prof. João Marôco (Associate professor, ISPA-IU, Portugal)


Joulukuu 13 December 2022, RUU C227 & Zoom 14:15-15.45

The school-to-work transition: coaching for employability competences
Niels van der Baan, Maastricht University

Marraskuu 8 November 2022, RUU E213 Lauri, 14:15-16

Lost in translation and forgotten in production: The role of language(s) in the production and packaging of knowledge
Dr Anna Mazenod (Learning designer, Who Academy & Associate researcher, Université Lumière Lyon, France)

Johanna Ennser-Kananen (assoc. professor, Academy Fellow, U. Of Jyväskylä)

Elokuu 12 August 2022 , Lyhty, 14-16

Joint seminar with group on Teaching and learning in higher education, with visitors Niels van der Baan (U. of Maastricht) and Emilien Jakob, Aix-Marseille University

Kesäkuu 14 June 2022 -
- June 14 at 10:15 - 12, Ruusupuisto Aula
Lisa Jasinski: Stepping Away: Returning to the Faculty After Senior Academic Leadership

Toukokuu 24 May 2022
- May 24, 2022 at 10:15 - 12, Ruusupuisto Aula
Stephen DesJardins: Walking Three Paths: Working at the Intersection of Economics, Public Policy, and Higher Education

Huhtikuu 7 April 2022
- April 7, 2022 The “LOOMING DISASTER” for Higher Education: How Commercial Rankers use Social Media to Amplify and Foster Affect

Helmikuu 9 February 2022
- February 9, 2022 Histories of Higher Education

Tammikuu 18 January 2022
- January 18, 2022 Humanizing the Academy