HIEST seminar 16 April 2024: Charles Mathies

If You Charge Them, Will They Come? The Effect of Levying Tuition Fees on International Students in Finland

In RUU E314 Isa; to attend online please register here.

Presentation summary:
In 2017, Finland began levying tuition fees on non-European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) international students. Using data from multiple Finnish government sources, we examine the changes in the international student population that occurred after the policy went into effect in each step of the application process (applied, admitted, accepted, enrolled). We found changes in the international student population post-tuition fees implementation, a causal effect from the policy change. We conclude with discussions of the implications for policy and practice as well as provide recommendations for future research.

Presenter: Charles Mathies (cmathies@odo.edu)

Presenter background: Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University USA, Visiting Research FIER

Presenter website:
Mathies Charles, visiting researcher — Finnish Institute for Educational Research (jyu.fi)