HIEST seminar 16 April 2024: Anduena Ballo

Student development in higher education. Investigating support for international degree students.

In RUU E314 Isa; to attend online please register here.

Presentation summary:
The studies of this dissertation examine student development in higher education from a psycho-social and campus environmental perspective using a framework from Student Development Theory. This framework intersects with notion of support for international students from e humanistic perspective. The phenomenographic approach explores experiences and concepts of support for integration of international degree students into host communities. Along with phenomenographic findings, this dissertation provides a description of resources of support, types of support, and campus environmental factors that might affect international students’ success and outcomes in higher education.

Presenter: Anduena Ballo (anballo@jyu.fi)

Presenter background: Doctoral Researcher, JYU Faculty of Education and Psychology, Visiting Research FIER