HIEST seminar 31 Oct 2023: PhD Golaleh Makrooni

First-Generation Migrant Family Students in Higher Education on Their Educational Journey in Finland

In Agora D121.1 Pertti Kettusen sali; to attend online please register here.

Presentation summary:

An increasing number of immigrants leads to demographic change in many western societies including Finland, which also impacts educational institutions, including higher education. Thus, more educational studies are needed to understand how students from migrant families think and feel, as well as what contributes to their success in their educational journey to and within higher education, to better promote equity and inclusivity in universities and society.

This doctoral thesis addresses the existing knowledge gap by providing insights into the distinct experiences and perspectives of successful first-generation university students from migrant families in Finland (FGMFSs) throughout their educational journey, spanning from their initial arrival in the country to their experiences in higher education. Grounded theory (GT) approach was conducted in this study. Following the GT approach, 15 FGMFSs at Finnish universities interviewed and analysed simultaneously. Nine main categories emerged that created the deep understanding on how these students experience and managed their education to, at, and in higher education. The emerged categories have been conceptualized and construct the theory of the negotiation and repositioning process, grounded in data, that significantly expands the current theoretical framework in the field.

The outcome of this research provides a rich context for developing support programs for these students at both administrative and pedagogical levels. Moreover, it can make an important contribution to policy development by highlighting the importance of recognizing diversity and its dimensions promoting inclusion in educational institutions, from school to higher education.

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