HIEST Seminar 18 Oct 2023: Doctoral Researcher Yan Wang

Comparing Finnish and Chinese national teacher education curricula from the teacher competency perspective

In RUU E314 Isa; to attend online please register here.

Teachers and teacher education are considered critical factors in contributing to the overall success of national education systems. Finnish and Chinese education systems have gained considerable worldwide attention because of their students' substantial achievements in international assessments. Focusing on the manifestations of teacher competencies in the teacher education curricula, this article compares Finnish and Chinese teacher education and their curricular traditions. The mixed-method analysis of the two countries' national teacher education frameworks reveals both differences and similarities. While the Chinese curriculum emphasises student management, adaptability, and ethics competencies, Finnish teacher education focuses more on diversity, innovation, and partnering. The competencies of teaching and learning, as well as building learning environments, are emphasised in both countries. Providing insights into manifestations of teacher competencies in the context of hybridised curriculum traditions in Finland and China, this article contributes to the knowledge base of teacher education, curricular traditions, and teacher competencies in different cultural contexts.

Presenter info:
Yan Wang, yan.y.wang@student.jyu.fi 
3rd year PhD student