Niels van der Baan December 13, 2022

The school-to-work transition: coaching for employability competences

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When transitioning from higher education (HE) to the workplace, recent graduates encounter several challenges, such as a change in context, a mismatch in competences, unrealistic expectations, and identity exploration. It is one of the primary responsibilities of HE to prepare students for this transition.

In my Ph.D. project I explore the different interventions HE implemented to prepare students for their first steps into the workplace. I focus specifically on coaching in higher education, the development of students’ employability competences, and their adjustment to the workplace.


Niels van der Baan is a Ph.D. candidate at the department of Educational Research and Development at Maastricht University. His background is in (neuro)psychology and learning and development. He also teaches several (international) bachelor courses and supervises and coaches master students.