Professor Eric H. Kessler as visiting fellow in the JYU and our team

Visiting lecture: In Search of Wise Leadership: Implications for Teaching and Learning



1.12.2021 13:30 — 15:00 Ruusupuisto lobby,  presentation is online here: https://r.jyu.fi/EgW

About Eric H. Kessler

An internationally recognized authority on organization management and global leadership, Dr. Eric H. Kessler is a Distinguished Professor, the Henry George Endowed Scholar, and founding Director of the Business Honors Program at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University in New York City. This academic year, during his sabbatical, he was named a Visiting Fellow at the Finnish Institute for Education Research (Fall 2021 - Jyväskylä) as well as a Fulbright specialist at the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Spring 2022 - Cairo).

As a management Scholar Professor Eric H. Kessler has published seven critically acclaimed books including the recent title “Wise Leadership” that have sold in 70+ countries and produced over 120 combined academic papers in many of the field’s top outlets. He is also the worldwide General Editor of the Encyclopedia of Management Theory. As a management Educator he is a Kenan Teaching Excellence Award winner who has pioneered innovative curriculum development as well as led many international field studies, mentored many student theses, and guided many community engagement service projects. In his 25 years of instructing 4,500+ students he has received the highest levels of feedback in undergraduate, masters, doctoral, executive, and corporate education programs.

Further information: https://lubin.pace.edu/faculty-profile/ekessler

Eric H. Kessler

Distinguished Professor
Lubin School of Business at Pace University