CHER 2017


Universities as political institutions - HEIs in the middle of academic, economic, and social pressures

Call for papers

Dear CHER 2017 presenters,

You are invited to submit your paper presented at the 2017 annual Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (CHER) conference for the book series. CHER is seeking submissions for the annual book which presents a selection of papers from the annual conference. Please find detailed information about submission and author instructions attached.  

The thematic approach of submitted papers should connect with the 2017 conference theme: Universities as political institutions - HEIs in the middle of academic, economic, and social pressures.

The 30th Annual CHER conference theme focused on multiple and often complex relations and relationships, internal and external, to higher education institutions. In this context, political referred not only to definitions, uses, and users of power but more broadly to a variety of relationships among different actors and agencies responsible for making, executing, or resisting decisions concerning HEIs. Discussions at the conference offered fresh perspectives for HEIs as political institutions consisting of a variety of conflicting definitions and practices on how to organise, plan, and implement academic and managerial decisions and processes. Papers may highlight varieties with the multiple relationships HEIs, staff or students have in their networks, formal agreements, and practical cooperation with the actors and agencies of surrounding societies. The papers may also address the broader local, national, regional or global levels of policy, politics, governance, activism and resistance that impact and shape higher education.

How to submit a paper:

To submit a paper, interested authors are requested to send the following information:

  • An abstract of 200 words detailing the topic of the proposed chapter
  • The original conference paper
  • A short biography for each author (max. 100 words)
  • A cover letter/note outlining how your paper connects with the conference theme

Please compile and send this information to Leasa Weimer by 16 July 2018. Until that date, the editors, Leasa Weimer and Terhi Nokkala, are available to answer queries from prospective authors and can be contacted by email.


Leasa Weimer,

Terhi Nokkala,