KAPPAS 2 in English

What is KAPPAS?

  • KAPPAS2 investigates undergraduate and graduate students’ generic skills and the development of these skills during studies in Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. The project aims to use both a cross-sectional and a longitudinal study design.
  • KAPPAS2 produces important information for higher education institutions on the learning outcomes of their students in order to support the development of teaching and learning.
  • Students participating in the study will receive their own test results indicating the level of their generic skills.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the project, please see the publications.

What is studied?

  • Analytical reasoning and evaluation, problem solving, argumentative writing, and writing mechanics.
  • Generic skills are measured by the Collegiate Learning Assessment CLA+ International instrument developed by the US-based Council for Aid to Education (CAE).
  • The instrument includes a 60-minute performance task and a 30-minute section for selected-response questions.

Who are studied?

  • Undergraduate and graduate students from 5 universities and 13 universities of applied sciences in Finland.

When will the testing take place?

  • An internet-based testing will be carried out in between fall 2023 and fall 2025.
  • The results will be reported at the end of 2025.