Translating International Achievement Tests: Translators’ View

g044.jpgInga Arffman
2012. 92 s. Tilauskoodi: G044. Julkaisu on saatavilla vain verkosta.

Julkaisun verkkoversio

Translating international achievement tests is a responsible and demanding task: For the interpretations made on the basis of the test to be valid, all the translations and different-language versions of the test need to be equivalent, or comparable, to each other. Rigorous translation procedures and practices have been developed to ensure that this would be the case. How, then, have the translation procedures and practices really worked? Have they been easy to follow? Have they helped to ensure high-quality and equivalent translations? Or have there been problems in them?

This book reports on a study that was carried out to answer these questions. Discussions were conducted with the five translators translating the PISA 2009 reading test into Finnish. On the basis of the findings, suggestions are given on how to develop translation procedures and practices in these studies.

The book will provide important reading for all those involved or interested in international achievement studies. It will also be of relevance to those concerned with or intrigued by other types of cross-cultural studies and translation.

Reports 44
ISSN-L 1456-5153
ISSN 2243-139X (verkkoversio, pdf)
ISBN 978-951-39-4811-5 (verkkojulkaisu, pdf)