Results and publications

EANKS-project started in September 2016. In  2017 we collected the qualitative and quantitative data and analyzed the quantitative FLEED-data. The data analysis is going on, two articles have been published: 

  •  Helin, J., Koerselman, K., Nokkala, T., Tohmo, T. & Viinikainen, J. (2019) Equal access to the top? Measuring selection into Finnish academia. Social inclusion, vol 7(1), pp. 90-100. DOI: 10.17645/si.v7i1.1620
  • Aarnikoivu, M., Nokkala, T., Siekkinen, T., Kuoppala, K. & Pekkola, E. (2019) Working outside academia? Perceptions of early-career, fixed-term researchers of changing careers. European Journal of Higher Education. Online 11 January 2019.