Competence needs for  the green  transition (VISIOS)

The aim of the VISIOS project is to map the competence needs for the green transition in Finnish society and working life. The project examines how the the green transition has already affected  the professional and business structures, and from this basis, produces recommendations regarding changes in education and learning environments. Education is not only understood as formal schooling, but also ways to promote green competence outside the formal education system and in the third sector in Finland.

The VISIOS project is coordinated by Demos Helsinki, and the partners are SYKE and ETLA, in addition to the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, . The project period is 1 March 2022–28 February 2023.

The purpose of the project is:

  1. To analyze the changes in the professional and business structure brought about by the green transition, the carbon neutrality goal set in the government program, and to study how they are reflected in the education and competence needs in different industries and territories. 
  2. To examine the current state of education from the point of view of the competence required for the green transition and the best models to bring research knowledge into the everyday life of citizens.
  3. To jointly develop an understanding of how the education system, as a whole, can respond to changing competence needs, including liberal adult education and the third sector.
  4. Prepare a road map extending to 2035, which describes both short-term and long-term measures in the competence and education system to secure the workforce and competence.

VISIOS team at the Finnish Insititute for Educational Research

Niina Mykrä
Ilona Markkanen
Anna Lehtonen
Terhi Nokkala
Hannu Heikkinen