The KESTO project aims at promoting ethical sustainability competences of university students in a collaborative sphere between workplaces and higher education institutes. The KESTO network includes, in addition to the Finnish Institute for Educational research, the Universities of Eastern Finland and Tampere as well as Haaga-Helia and Arcada Universities of Applied Sciences. The coordinator of the project is Haaga-Helia, and the network is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

JYU’s contribution includes development of wisdom pedagogy to support multiperspective thinking, provided with skills to solve complex and multi-faceted problems in the world of work. Therefore, university education should reach beyond competence development which is often understood as mastery of skills and shift the focus to generating broad-based and multiperspective thinking.

The contribution of JYU to the KESTO project is an action research project, actualized in collaboration with FIER and Department of Teacher Education, to develop university education that enables development of wisdom. In practical terms, the project aims at developing students' multifaceted and reflective thinking through Socratic dialogue.

Researchers: Hannu L. T. Heikkinen, Anu Virtanen, Eeva K. Kallio, Päivi Tynjälä