Heikkinen Hannu, Professor

Heikkinen Hannu, Professor
RUU D336

Converis: https://converis.jyu.fi/converis/portal/Person/4455431

Head of Education and the world of work research area

Adjunct Professor in Charles Sturt University, Australia

Adjunct Professor in Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Title of Docent in Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Title of Docent in Faculty of Education, University of Tampere, Finland

Title of Docent in Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Hannu L. T. Heikkinen is a Professor of Education in the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He is recognised as an expert in educational action research and narrative inquiry, and his work on mentoring and professional development, practice theory, as well as on learning at work and for work, has been widely cited. He has also published on issues related to the theory of recognition with respect to learning and teaching, as well as curriculum theory, especially in terms of the theory of communicative action and discourse theory of justice. Hannu Heikkinen's recent work has involved collaborative philosophical studies on wisdom -  often from the perspective of ‘educational praxis’  -   as well as ecosystems for learning, including in higher education, learning for work and at work and professional development of teachers. Hannu Heikkinen is the Chair of the Editorial Board of Research in Educational Sciences Publication Series of the Finnish educational Research Association (FERA), and he is the Link Convener of Network 1 'Professional Learning and Development' of the European Educational Research Association (EERA). 

Hannu Heikkinen is leading the  research team Ecosocial Sustainablity and Education of FIER. The aim is to develop education to forestall the great ecological risks of our time, the biggest of which are the climate change and the sixth massive wave of extinction. One of the main projects is the ECF4CLIM, funded by the EU Green Deal Programme (Horizon 2020)  which aims at  developing a European Competence Framework for Sustainability. The Wisdom in Practice project, funded by the Academy of Finland, investigates how professionals face wicked problems and, on that basis,  develops higher education to prepare graduates capable of addressing sustainability problems and promoting planetary well-being in the everyday work. This project integrates philosophical and psychological traditions of research on wisdom with empirical research on professionals addressing complex problems.

In his list of publications, Hannu Heikkinen has more than 300 publications: articles, book chapters, anthologies and books. According to Google Scholar there are more than 15 000 citations to his publications, his h-index ranging up to 54.  (Google Scholar, updated 4.8.2023.)