Innovative Learning Environments

The Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) research team focuses on the advancement of children’s and young people’s 21st Century Skills. ILE’s main interests are user-driven design, implementation and study of learning technologies and spaces for enhancement of learning and wellbeing, analysis of innovative teaching and learning practices, technology-enhanced learning, and evaluation and comparison of ICT (information and communication technology) use in education. The ILE team has also specialised in research and innovation actions related to STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) learning environments, computational thinking, modeling, digital self-assessment and educational portfolios.

The multidisciplinary ILE group consists of researchers, university lecturers, PhD students and master students especially from the Finnish Institute for Educational Research and the Faculty of Information Technology. The diverse research projects are conducted in close collaboration with other institutes and faculties at the University of Jyväskylä. The ILE group has an extensive national and international network of research institutes, partners in the public sector and among companies.

Team members

  • Marja Kankaanranta (team leader, Finnish Institute for Educational Research)
  • Kati Clements (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Kristof Fenyvesi (Finnish Institute for Educational Research)
  • Mari Hankala (Department of Teacher Education)
  • Takumi Yada (Finnish Institute for Educational Research)
  • Tiina Mäkelä (Finnish Institute for Educational Research)
  • Rebekah Rousi (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Mimmu Sulkanen (Faculty of Education and Psychology)
  • Saana Mehtälä (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Olli Merjovaara (Department of Education)
  • Hannu Moilanen (Teacher training school)
  • Mikko Muilu (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Matias Mäki-Kuutti (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Pieta Sikström (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Orsolya Tuba (Finnish Institute for Educational Research)

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