Wisdom and learning team


  • Multilevel analysis of becoming wiser – work biographies of later adulthood. ”Do always what you would wish to have done at the end of your life"
  • Johan Amos Comenius – Schools of life and deepening wisdom
  • Development of wisdom and construction of forest relationship in preschool education on forests
  • Dialogue and wisdom in university studies - neo-Socratic dialogue
  • Working-life pedagogy in higher education. Socratic dialogue in IT studies
  • Development of wisdom as part of expertise development in university studies
  • The International Handbook of Adult Development and Wisdom (in preparation; eds  Judith Stevens-Long & Eeva K. Kallio & Abigail Lynam; Oxford University Press)

See also  Kallio, E. K. (Ed.) Development of adult thinking -Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cognitive Development and Adult Learning 2020, Routledge.