Assessment of education


The research team carries out international comparative large-scale assessment studies (ICCS, ICILS, PIAAC, PIRLS, PISA, TALIS, TIMSS), which are part of the national evaluation framework of the education system. The studies provide knowledge about children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ competencies and about related factors pertaining to studying, family background, and school environment. In addition, the team keeps an eye on changes in the education system and on educational equality.

These assessments offer an international framework and a benchmark for observing the outcomes and development of the Finnish comprehensive school. Moreover, they serve the needs of educational policy-making by providing school- and student-level information about factors affecting the learning outcomes.

The team members produce the national reports of the assessments and publish the results in international scientific publications. The results of the assessments are presented in scientific conferences as well as in various events of schools and other stakeholders. The team members also work as experts and researchers in national and international research and development projects.

Team members: