Ahonen Arto K., senior researcher

PhD, Title of Docent
Ahonen Arto K., senior researcher
RUU A435

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0688-5327

Converis: https://converis.jyu.fi/converis/portal/Person/4609550

Arto works as a National Project Manager of Finland for OECD Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) in cycles 2018,  2022 and 2025. I addition he is involved with PIAAC study, as an expert for Problem Solving Assessment. His research interests cover a large variety of education research, focusing recently especially on assessment and secondary analysis on PISA data.

Areas of interest

  • 21st Century skills, Assessment, Large-scale assessments, Psychosocial Well-being of Schoolchildren, Comparative Educational Research, School Culture and Pedagogical Practices

Research projects

  • PISA 2025
  • PIAAC 2021
  • PISA 2021
  • DigiConsumers
  • PISA 2018
  • PREP21 (Preparing teacher students for the 21st century learning practices: Ways of thinking and working)
  • PISA 2015 
  • ATC21S - Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills