Leino Kaisa, senior researcher

Leino Kaisa, senior researcher
RUU A424

ORCID: https://orcid.org/000-0002-4251-3942
Converis: https://converis.jyu.fi/converis/portal/Person/4555710

  • National Research Coordinator in IEA's ICILS and PIRLS
  • reading literacy expert in Finnish PISA and PIAAC team
  • leader of Interactions work package in EduRESCUE consortium 
  • former member of national literacy forum established by Ministry of Education and Culture
  • former Editor of the Finnish Journal of Education – Kasvatus
  • former Teacher of academic writing in Finnish, Language center, University of Jyväskylä

My research focuses on reading literacy and multiliteracy skills and knowledge. Multiliteracy includes both reading and writing of printed and digital texts. It also includes critical, ethical and cultural literacy. Multiliteracy is a key skill in modern society and it has an important part in new national curriculum. My research offers information about children's and adolescents' literacy skills in national and international context.