International and national center for educational research

The Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER) is a national, multidisciplinary centre of educational research. The research activities of the Institute promote learning and provide support to teachers, schools, and policy-makers engaged in educational development in our changing society.

The FIER investigates the whole range of the education system from basic education up to higher education and adult learning, exploring also the relationships between education and the world of work. Also learning taking place outside the formal education system, like in working life and in various networks, belongs to our research targets.

The FIER is specialised in large-scale international comparative studies, the best known of which is PISA. By the same token, the Institute also carries out national and regional studies to promote learning and the functioning of individual schools.

Finnish stakeholders especially appreciate the FIER’s high academic and scientific standard, reliability, independence, topical relevance, and expertise. FIER research activities involve broad-based networking with the national and international academic community.

Research at the FIER has been organised into three main areas: