F.I.F.E. Test Day

MAKE SURE YOU ARE PRESENT ON TIME. YOU MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TEST IF YOU ARRIVE MORE THAN 1 HOUR AFTER THE START OF THE TEST. Note that by being late you are cutting your test time short and may not be able to finish your test on time. If you arrive more than 1 h late, inform a teacher or head of school and follow their instructions.


The duration of F.I.F.E. tests is six hours.

There are no breaks during the test, so it’s important that you bring something to eat and drink with you on test days. The tests are long, and you don’t want to go hungry, so don’t skip on this!

For the test, you may bring in:

  • Your ID
  • a pencil
  • an eraser 
  • your lunch 
  • personal medicine in a see-through container

You will leave everything else outside the test room. For the items you bring in, you must cover or remove ALL writing. For example, labels or any other writing on bottles, boxes or bags must be covered or removed. Same goes for pencils and erasers. A test supervisor will check all your items before you can bring them in the test room. A test supervisor of your gender will perform a pat-down over your clothes before you enter the test room. Any hidden forbidden items (notes, mobile phones etc.) found on your person or in the things you bring into the test room will be seen as an attempt at deceit, and your test will be disqualified.

The test ends 6 hours after it has started. Make sure you are finished and have saved your answers by this time. You may leave the test room at the earliest 3h after the test has started. Don’t rush your answers to get out as early as possible! Take your time and think your answers through. This is your time to shine, so make sure you give everything you’ve got.

When the test unlocks, check that you have the test for the correct subject open. If it’s the test of any other subject than what it’s supposed to be, raise your hand and inform a test supervisor.

Read through the test instructions with care. Make sure you know how many assignments you’re supposed to answer. This varies between subjects.

Read the assignment instructions carefully. Some assignments have multiple parts you must answer or additional material you need to use or refer to in your answer. You may answer the assignments in any order you want. You may also revisit an answer you’ve already given and make changes at any time.

Take breaks when you need to. If you’re having a hard time writing or focusing, consider taking a little break. Drink some water, have something to eat and sit back for a while.

If at any point you need anything, raise your hand and a test supervisor will come to you. Do not get out of your chair unless a test supervisor has given you permission.

Raise your hand if:

  • you have the wrong test open.
  • you are experiencing technical difficulties.
  • you need more paper for note taking.
  • you need to go to the restroom.

If you're experiencing technical difficulties, don't close your browser or browser tab or open a new one. Raise your hand and wait for a test supervisor to help you.

When you feel like you’re ready to turn in your test, double check that you’ve have answered all the necessary assignments. Read through your answers once more and make sure you are happy with what you have written. Make sure your essay structures are in order, your claims are justified, and you’ve provided all the information you have on the topics!

When you have ensured that you have answered all the assignments needed, log out of the test platform, turn off your computer and take your note papers and headphones to your teacher at the front of the room. They will mark you as finished. You may then leave the room.

Please remember to move in the room quietly, so as not to disturb your fellow test candidates.


If any technical problems, issues with the contents of the test, or emergencies occur during test, follow the test supervisor's instructions. Note that you will be reimbursed any time that is lost due to any such issues during your test. You will always have 6 hours of active working time regardless of what happens. 

Example: The fire alarm goes off during a test. The test room is evacuated per the test supervisor's instructions. The alarm is false and you may return to the test area after 15 minutes. The 15 minutest you lost due to the alarm will be added to your test time, so if your test would normally end at 2 PM, it will now end at 2.15 PM.

Additionally, if there are significant issues with the contents of the test (e.g. assignments are not suitable for the target syllabus) they may be considered in the grading of the test. 

Test candidates are never penalized for issues during tests in test materials.