F.I.F.E. Tests & Test dates

F.I.F.E. tests are offered in two test periods a year, one in the autumn and one in the spring. These test periods consist of seven to eight test days. Tests are grouped together, and multiple tests in different subjects are offered each test day. The school informs the students about the test groupings.

F.I.F.E. tests are offered in the following subjects:

English Language and Literature
French (advanced and intermediate level)
Health Education
Mathematics (advanced and standard level)
Social studies
Spanish (advanced and intermediate level)

Additionally, tests in Arabic mother tongue, advanced and intermediate level Arabic, and Islamic are offered at Qatar-Finland International High School.

Students may participate in one test on each of the test days. Those taking the English Language and Literature test must participate in both Part 1 and Part 2 of the test within the same test period.

Students can take F.I.F.E. tests during three consecutive test periods. Students can retake failed tests during three test periods following the failed test. Students can retake passed tests as many times as they want if they wish to raise their grade. If a student retakes a passed test, the highest grade they earn in it will be marked in their certificate.

Test period dates vary year-by-year according to the requirements of the school year and public holidays. The school will inform students and families of the test dates of the year well ahead of time. The test dates will also be updated here.

Spring F.I.F.E. test dates

Academic year 2024-2025

Test groupings:

Day 1English Language and Literature - Part 1 Literary analysis
Day 2Citizenship, Social studies, Chemistry, Psychology, Health education
Day 3Foreign Languages A1
Day 4Mathematics (Advanced and Standard)
Day 5Geography, Philosophy, History, Physics, Biology
Day 6English Language and Literature - Part 2 Written production
Day 7Foreign Languages B1, B2, B3

Autumn 2024 test period 

Day 1: 4.11.
Day 2: 5.11.
Day 3: 7.11.
Day 4: 10.11. 
Day 5: 11.11.
Day 6: 13.11.
Day 7: 14.11. 

Spring 2024 test period 28.4.-8.5.

Day 1: 28.4.
Day 2: 29.4.
Day 3: 1.5.
Day 4: 4.5.
Day 5: 5.5.
Day 6: 7.5.
Day 7: 8.5.