Preparing for F.I.F.E.

Preparation is key to good F.I.F.E. results.

Read through and revise the materials from ALL modules in the subjects you will take your tests on. The test questions can be about any of the modules. Start revision early, some months before the tests if possible. Allocate a few hours a day for revision if you can. Making a revision schedule for yourself can be helpful, so consider doing that when you know your test dates.

When revising, take notes and memorise important theories, names, and chains of events. Make sure you understand events, theories etc. in larger, broader contexts.

In F.I.F.E. tests you’re expected to know how to

  • manage and apply information.
  • substantiate and justify your claims.
  • make a distinction between facts, reasoned arguments, and opinions.
  • place the information (events, theories, and other factors) you present in a broader context.
  • use terminology related to the question appropriately in the answer and define the terms you use.
  • structure a good, consistent essay.
  • interpret graphs and charts.
  • use and refer to given assignment materials in your answers appropriately. These can be text, video, audio, pictures etc.

Good essays are vital in F.I.F.E.! The tests are designed not only to test your knowledge, but also your maturity and ability to convey your knowledge in an appropriate and convincing way. So make sure you know how to write an outstanding essay!