F.I.F.E.  Enrolment

Enrolment for F.I.F.E. tests is done via the head of school. Submit a written enrolment, either via email or on paper, to the head of school. The head of school will compile the enrolments and deliver them to FIER.

Deadline for autumn 2023 test enrolment is 10.9.

Enrolments will not be accepted after the deadline. Enrolments cannot be cancelled without a good reason, e.g., sickness. If a student fails to participate in a test they have enrolled in without an acceptable cancellation, the test will be graded as a Fail.

If a candidate is ill on a test day, they must contact the school as soon as possible to cancel their enrolment. A candidate may apply for annulment for their test registration with a doctor’s note if they are ill and unable to participate. The doctor’s note and a free-form annulment application is delivered to the head of school, who will deliver them to FIER. If the application is accepted, the test will not count as a test attempt, and the candidate will not receive a failed grade for it. Please note that an annulment application will not be accepted if there is no sufficient reason for the annulment.

If a candidate falls ill during a test, the head of school may move them and their test equipment to a separate back-up test room. The candidate may continue their test in the back-up room and the time they lost when moving between rooms will be reimbursed to them. If the student is unable to continue their test, they will wait in the separate room until 1,5 hours has passed since the start of the exam. If the candidate is sick during the exam, they may deliver a doctor’s note to the FIER after the test via the head of school, and their illness may be considered in the assessment of their exam.