Saarinen Taina, research professor

Saarinen Taina, research professor
RUU A320

Twitter: @tainasaarinen
Google scholar:
Orcid: 0000-002-5117-2756

Educational systems and society research area
Higher Education Studies (HIEST) research team

Re­search areas:

Higher education policy, internationalisation of higher education, languages in higher education, education policy, language education policy, language policy.


AHJO - Individual and organisatory development of Academic wellbeing (JYPE Foundation 2019-2021)

Times, spaces and discursive cycles of Finnish constitutional bilingualism: universities as sites of neo-nationalist language policies (Swedish Cultural Foundation 2018-2020)

Previous projects:
Language policy as Wibbly-Wobbly. Towards an understanding of multi-sited and situated language policy in higher education

Internationalization and the invisible language? A language perspective into the Finnish higher education internationalization policy (Academy of Finland 2011-2013)

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