Saarinen Taina, Director, Research professor

Saarinen Taina, Director, Research professor
RUU A320

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Educational systems and society research area
Higher Education Studies (HIEST) research team


As the director of the Finnish Institute for Educational Research I aim to support my colleagues to reach our jointly agreed goals and to find ways to conduct societally and academically interesting and relevant research. 

Research areas

Higher education policy, internationalization of higher education, languages in higher education, education policy, language education policy, language policy, academic well-being.

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Complex problems and simple solutions – education is a hot topic in the run-up to the elections


Crises, higher education leadership, and work: how can higher education institutions do better in crisis situations?  (The Finnish Work Environment Fund, 2023-2024, PI)

Effects of employment during studies in higher education (VN TEAS 2022-2024, partner)

The politics and ideologies of multilingual writing (NOS HS Workshop 2021-2024, PI)

AHJO - Individual and organisatory development of Academic well-being (JYPE funding 2019-2022, PI)

Geographies of Internationalization (DFF, Independent Research Fund Denmark 2019-2024, partner)

Previous projects:

Socially just higher education in new nationalist Finland (Jyväskylän yliopisto, professor's starting grant  2020-2021 and the Association of Finnish Non-fiction  Writers, , PI)

Times, spaces and discursive cycles of Finnish constitutional bilingualism: universities as sites of neo-nationalist language policies (Swedish Cultural Foundation 2018-2020, PI)

Language policy as Wibbly-Wobbly. Towards an understanding of multi-sited and situated language policy in higher education (Jyväskylän yliopisto 2014-2015, PI)

Internationalization and the invisible language? A language perspective into the Finnish higher education internationalization policy (Academy of Finland 2011-2013, PI)

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