Tai­na Saa­ri­nen: tu­los­sa / forthco­ming

Tulossa olevat julkaisut -- Ota yhteyttä, mikäli olet kiinnostunut - Forthcoming publications -- Please contact me for more information

Tulossa - forthcoming

Saarinen, T. & Ennser-Kananen, J. (forthcoming October 2020) Ambivalent English: What we talk about when we think we talk about language. Nordic Journal of English Studies 19 (3).

Ennser-Kananen, J. & Saarinen, T. (forthcoming) Challenging constitutional bilingualism with "what if...": Counterfactual histories and at-risk minorities in Finland. In C. Cunningham & C. J. Hall, Eds (forthcoming). Vulnerabilities, Challenges and Risks in Applied Linguistics. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Ennser-Kananen, J., Halonen, M. & Saarinen, T. (forthcoming) "Come join us and loose your accent!" Accent modification courses as hierarchisation of international students. Journal of International Students.

Saarinen, Taina (forthcoming 2020) Higher education, language, and new nationalism in Finland: Recycled histories. Palgrave Macmillan.

Arvioinnissa - Submitted or revised

Ferenc, V., Laihonen, P.  & Saarinen, T. (manuscript). Dynamics of international and national in Finnish and Hungarian higher education 1990-2020.  In P. Ihalainen & A. Holmila (eds) Debating Internationalisms. A European History of Concepts ​Beyond​ ​Nation​ ​States. Berghahn. 

Tekeillä - In preparation

Ennser-Kananen, J. & Saarinen, T. (edited volume in preparation) Language and Change in Educational contexts. Empirical takes into new materialism and post-humanism (working title). Springer.

Ennser-Kananen, J. & Saarinen, T. (introductory chapter in preparation): Matter constructs. Intertwining  material and constructivist approaches for socially just applied linguistics. In Ennser-Kananen, J. & Saarinen, T. (eds.) Language and Change in Educational contexts. Empirical takes on new materialist approaches. Springer. 

Huhta, A. & Saarinen, T. (chapter in preparation)  Curriculum and textbook as materialisation of “assessment” and “language awareness” in comprehensive school (working title) In Ennser-Kananen, Johanna & Saarinen, Taina (eds.) Language and Change in Educational contexts. Empirical takes on new materialist approaches . Springer.  

Ihalainen, P. & Saarinen, T. (tekeillä) Teksti- ja diskurssianalyyttiset näkökulmat poliittisen keskustelun historian tutkimuksessa. Teoksessa Pasi Ihalainen & Heli Valtonen (toim. ) Sanojen valta. Kielellisesti suuntautunut historiantutkimus.  

Saarinen, T. & Rontu, H. (in preparation) What about Swedish? Internationalisation, societal responsibility and national languages in Finnish Higher education. In Apelgren, B.-M., Eriksson, A.-M. & Strömberg Jämsvi, S. (Eds.) Critical Aspects of Language Policy in Theory and Practice. Brill.

Nikula T., Saarinen T. & Skinnari K. (in preparation) A multi-sited exploration of CLIL: political pedagogies, pedagogical policies. (working title)