Conference Papers/Presentations

Weimer, L. (May, 2016). A Comparative Perspective: Strategic Partnership Trends in the US and Europe. The Association for International Educators (NAFSA), Denver, Colorado, USA.

Weimer, L. (September, 2012). Tuition in Finland: From Taboo to Policy Instrument. European Consortium for Higher Education Research (CHER), Belgrade, Serbia.

Weimer, L. (February, 2012). International Students in the Nordic Region: Who Should Pay? Nordic Conference on Higher Education and Research, Hansaari, Finland.

Weimer, L. (June, 2010). Erasmus Mundus: A case of neo-liberal discourse, Consortium of Higher Education Researchers annual conference, Oslo, Norway.

Weimer, L. & Mathies, C. (June, 2010). A Trip around the World: International Comparative Research, Association of Institutional Research (AIR) annual conference, Chicago.

Weimer, L. (May, 2010). The New Regionalism of Higher Education: Market-oriented student mobility in the NAFTA region, American Educational Researchers Association (AERA) annual conference, Denver.

Weimer, L. (May, 2010). From Agenda to Policy: Development of the Erasmus Mundus program, AERA annual conference, Denver.

Weimer, L. (September, 2009). An International Comparison of the Fulbright, Erasmus Mundus, and the North American Mobility Programs, European Student Mobility Conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

Weimer, L. (May, 2009). Introduction to the Erasmus Mundus Program, Association for International Educators (NAFSA), LA, California.


Invited Lectures & Presentations

Weimer, L. (May, 2017). International Alumni Engagement. Invited Speaker for the ICARe International Conference on Alumni Relations, Porto, Portugal, May 2017.

Weimer, L. (December, 2016). Closing Plenary: Finnish higher education and migrant academics. Invited Chair for the SIMHE seminar: Migrants in Higher Education, fostering cooperation at universities, Jyväskylä, Finland, December 2016.

Weimer, L. (December, 2015). Closing Panel: A way forward for European higher education. Invited Speaker for the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) seminar: The international refugee crisis. What role for European higher education?, Brussels, Belgium, December 2015.

Weimer, L. (May, 2013). Tuition Fees for International Students in Finland: A case study analysis of collective action and social change. Invited Speaker for the University Spring Days, Levi, Finland.

Weimer, L. (January, 2013). Dissertation Findings and Reflections on the Finnish National Strategy for International Students. Invited Speaker for the Tuition Pilot Program Working Group, Helsinki, Finland.

Weimer, L. & Mathies, C. (January, 2013). The Changing Direction of Finnish Higher Education. Invited Speaker for the Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia, USA.

Weimer, L. (May, 2012). International Students in Finland: Who Should Pay? Invited Speaker for the University Spring Days, University of Lahti, Finland.

Weimer, L. (February, 2012). Introduction of Tuition Fees: A case study on the Finnish tuition pilot program (Preliminary Findings). Invited Speaker for the Higher Education and Governance and Management Institute. University of Helsinki, Finland.

Weimer, L. (February, 2012). Global Competition in the International Student Market. Invited Lecturer for the Sociology Department: Global Network and Society Course. University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Weimer, L. (November, 2011). International Student Market (Around the World and in Finland). Invited Speaker at the University Debate Society. University of Tampere, Finland.

Weimer, L. (October, 2011). U.S. Higher Education Policy. Invited Lecturer for the Finnish Masters Program in Higher Education Policy: Organization, Governance, and Management of Higher Education Course. University of Tampere, Finland.

Weimer, L. (October, 2011). The U.S. Bazaar: Shopping for an American Higher Education. Invited Speaker for the Fulbright American Voices Annual Seminar. University of Turku, Finland.

Weimer, L. (November, 2009). Transatlantic Views on European and English Higher Education. Invited Speaker at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Weimer, L. (October, 2009). The Value of Comparative Research: Understanding Higher Education Complexities. Invited Speaker for Doctor of Education (EdD) in Higher Education program, Dublin, Ireland.