Compensation for failed tests

To achieve an accepted examination, candidates must earn six passing final test grades. However, candidates can compensate for a failed test grade by performing well in their other tests. Candidates earn compensation points for passing test grades they earn. These points are used to compensate for one failed grade. If a candidate earns enough points to compensate for a failed grade, they can still get an accepted examination with five passing grades.

A test in any subject can be compensated but note that all candidates must either pass their English Language and Literature test or compensate for a failed grade in English Language and Literature.

If a candidate has passed their six compulsory tests but received failed grades in additional tests, the failed grades cannot be compensated. The failed grade(s) in additional subjects will not be marked in their F.I.F.E. Certificate. A failed grade in a compulsory test that has been compensated will be marked in the Certificate as compensated.