Siekkinen Taru, postdoctoral researcher

Siekkinen Taru, postdoctoral researcher
RUU A325.1


Taru Siekkinen has been working in FIER since 2012. Siekkinen is a M.Sc (sociology) and had a doctoral degree in 2019 (PhD, adult education). She belongs to the research area "Educational Systems and Society" and to the research team "Higher Education Studies". In her three latest projects she has worked as a responsible researcher: recruitments of professors (2020), evaluation of the four-stage career model in Finnish universities (2015) and academic careers in Finnish universities (2015-2016). After that, she was a researcher in a Academy of Finland -funded project "Exiting Academics in the Networked Knowledge Societies (EANKS)" (2016-2020).

Currently she is working in her postdoc project "Changing recruitments and careers of university professors: impacts on the academic work and equality in universities" (funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund). 

Siekkinen is a chair of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers in Finland (CHERIF). She is also a board member in the Consortium of Higher Education Reserachers in Europe (CHER), as well as in the ESA - European Sociological Association's research network's Sociology of Professions RN19 board. In addition, she works at the ethical committee of the University of Jyväskylä, and she is an external member in the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences (JYU). 

Her research interests are related to academic profession, academic careers, academic recruitment and work,  HRM in universities, academic management and managers, gender, collaboration between universities and other sectors, university policy.