STEAM Upgrade: Hands-on training for primary school teachers in Stavanger, Norway

Teachers from Finland, Estonia, Austria, and Spain learned STEAM education with innovative methods and digital tools at the University of Stavanger, Norway 26th-28th April 2022. STEAM education is based on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in the learning process.

Minna Suikkari from Jyväskylä Teacher Training School, Mirka Havinga from Sydän Laukaa School and Gwyneth Koljonen from Kortepohja School joined the STEAM Upgrade Training. Kristóf Fenyvesi and Takumi Yada coordinated the study trip from University of Jyväskylä and Faisal Channa has joined as a researcher to carry-out video observations during the activities.

The STEAM Upgrade Training has provided unforgettable learning experiences and loads of fun. >>

Further information:
Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi
Researcher of STEAM Learning & Contemporary Culture Studies
Finnish Institute for Educational Research
+358 40 805 3324