Raimo Vuorinen, Ph.D, was re-elected as the Vice-president of the International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance (IAEVG)

The IAEVG has re-elected Raimo Vuorinen, Ph.D, from the University of Jyväskylä as the executive board member and the Vice-president for a period of 2016–2019.

Ph.D. Raimo Vuorinen (Photo: Martti Minkkinen)Raimo Vuorinen works as a project manager and coordinator of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, ELGPN, which was established in Helsinki on May 7–8, 2007. The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network aims to assist the European Union Member States and the Commission in moving European cooperation on lifelong guidance forward in both the education and the employment sectors. He has worked for over 25 years as a trainer and researcher in the field of lifelong guidance and contributed to national and international research and development projects in the field. He was a member in the European Commission Lifelong Guidance Expert Group from 2002 to 2007 and a board member in the International Centre for Career Development and the Public Policies (ICCDPP). He is also an adjunct associate professor at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences School of Social Sciences, Gimli University of Iceland, a research associate with Florida State University’s Center for the Study of Technology in Counseling and Career Development and an international fellow in the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, NICEC.

Over 6o years the IAEVG has worked towards addressing diversity and issues of social justice in education and work. It has advocated that all people who need and want educational and vocational guidance and counselling should receive it from a competent and recognised professional. The IAEVG has recommendations on minimum qualifications that all educational and vocational guidance practitioners should have. The organisation assists in the areas of research, practice, and policy development for the preparation of appropriate and effective methods and materials for guidance and promotes the adoption of, and adherence to, a code of ethics for guidance practitioners. During the last decades, the IAEVG has contributed to international cooperation in developing national policies in lifelong guidance. The annual conference of IAEVG was organised in the University of Jyväskylä 3–5 June 2009.

The IAEVG board has 13 members and the new president is Ms Suzanne Bultheel from France. The other board members come from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, and India. The board coordinates the IAEVG activities, prepares annual work programmes, and supports the implementation of plenary meeting decisions.

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Raimo Vuorinen, Project Manager, raimo.vuorinen@jyu.fi, +358 50 361 1909

European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, ELGPN

International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance (IAEVG)

The International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP)