Every panel has 55 minutes.
Final programme with Zoom-links will be sent to everyone before the conference. 

Thursday 1st September 2022



Chair of CHER, Dr. Hugo Horta
Dr. Terhi Nokkala
Dr. Taru Siekkinen


Ulrich Teichler Keynote

Professor Jussi Välimaa

CHER 2022 Ulrich Teichler Keynote by Jussi Välimaa - JYU Moniviestin


Panel coordinator: Yuzhuo Cai 

When entrepreneurial universities meet SDGs: Experiences and best practices from Asia, Europe and Latin America

Panelists: Romulo Miguel Pinheiro, Po Yang & Evandro Coggo Cristofoletti. 

Panel coordinator: Pii-Tuulia Nikula

Climate conscious international higher education – exploring opportunities and tensions

Panelists: Adrienne Fusek, Pii-Tuulia Nikula & Robin Shileds


Panel coordinators: Sónia Cardoso & Teresa Carvalho

Creating responsive and sustainable models of doctoral education

Panelists: Corina Balaban, Hatice Nuriler, Sónia Cardoso & Teresa Carvalho

Panel coordinators: Andrew Gibson & Taina Saarinen

Rethinking higher education internationalisation

Panelists: Franciszek Krawczyk, Andrew Gibson, Que Anh Dang, Evandro Coggo Cristofoletti, Su-ming Khoo, Virginia Rodés & Taina Saarinen


Panel coordinator: Pengjuan Wang

Do we still care about the distant world? – Chinese doctoral students' perspectives on 'sustainable development' in and for higher education

Panelists: Zongran Wang, Hanyu Qin & Pengjuan Wang

Panel coordinator: Marek Kwiek

Higher Education Research and its Global Communities: Collaboration Networks, Topics and Large-scale Data

Panelists: Hugo Horta, Justin J.W Powell & Marek Kwiek


Panel coordinator: Eveliina Asikainen

Universities of applied sciences' impact on sustainable development: Are we ambitious enough?

Panelists: Turo Kilpeläinen, Eeva-Liisa Viskari & Juuso Puurula

Panel coordinator: Sheng-Ju Chan

Youth Activism and Education Sector in the Asia Pacific Regions

Panelists: Sheng-Ju Chan, William Yat-Wai Lo & Ly Tyran 


Panel coordinator: Yingxin Liu (Margaret)

Gender disparities revisited: Career trajectories of female academics vs male academics in mainland China and Hong Kong

Panelists: Yingxin Liu (Margaret), Li Tang & Nian Ruan

Panel coordinator: Tatiana Fumasoli

Chair and discussant: Akiyoshi Yonezawa

Rethinking University Resilience: the Influence of Organizational decisions and actions during the Covid-19 pandemic on global engagement strategies

Panelists: Tatiana Fumasoli, Anatoly Oleksiyenko, Kaiyun Feng & Johannes Hochreuther.


Panel coordinator: Gaoming Zheng

Towards responsive and sustainable doctoral education: from the perspectives of doctoral career trajectories and employability

Panelists: Hugo Horta & Wenqin Shen


Friday 2nd September


Panel coordinator: Alice Civera

Conceptualising the attractiveness of HE systems as a response to the pandemic: Students, academic profession, and public policies

Panelists: Aneta Hayes, Michele Meoli & Giovanni Barbato

Panel coordinator: Po Yang

Higher Education and global and domestic mobility in science

Panelists: Jiang Kai & Jingxuan Shen


Panel coordinators: Amélia Veiga & Tim Seidenschnur

The Role of European Universities in an Age of Pandemic

Panelists: Amélia Veiga, Tim Seidenschnur & António Magalhaes

Panel coordinator: Nian Ruan

They returned to mainland China, and what? A dialogue on career transition and relocation by three female international doctorates from UK, Hong Kong and Finland

Panelists: Nian Ruan, Qijuan Shen & Gaoming Zheng


Panel coordinator: Ana Godonoga

Performance management practices for a responsive higher education: Insights from research on university social responsibility and institutional mergers

Panelists: Bernhard Böhm, Ana Godonoga & Bjørn Stensaker

Panel coordinator: Yingxin Liu (Margaret)

Responsiveness of travel restriction policies at universities in China, Australia and Norway amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Panelists: Yingxin Liu, Tam Le & Czarecah Oropilla 


Panel coordinators: Jouni Kekäle & Maria Pietilä

Research Assessment Under Scrutiny: towards more holistic and qualitative-oriented systems

Panelists: Ingvild Reymert, Alex Rushforth & Malcom Tight

Panel coordinator: Xiaoshi Li

Career interests and decision-making among postgraduate students in an era of flux

Panelists: Xiaoshi Li, Huan Li & Xiujuan Xie


Panel coordinator: Jung Cheol Shin

Leadership and academic identity for sustainable higher education development in Korea and Taiwan

Panelists: Jung Cheol Shin, Sophia Shi-Hueio Ho & Robin Jung-Cheng Chen


CHER business meeting