PhD Raimo Vuorinen was nominated as an IAEVG board member (1st Aug 2007)

The International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance (IAEVG) has elected Senior Researcher Raimo Vuorinen, Ph.D. from the University of Jyväskylä as an IAEVG Board member for the next four year period 2007-2011. Raimo Vuorinen was nominated as a candidate for the election on behalf of the Nordic Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance.

Raimo Vuorinen is working as a senior researcher at the Institute for Educational Research within a development project funded by the Finnish ministry of education 2007-2009. The project enhances more solid evidence base for national lifelong guidance policy development. Part of the annual workload is allocated to the development of the National Centre for Lifelong Guidance expertise, established in the university in January 2006. He has been a trainer of guidance practitioners over twenty years in Finland. He has had an expert role in various national in-service programmes and working groups in the area of vocational and educational guidance from comprehensive education to higher education in Finland. He has active partnerships in national and transnational evaluation projects and professional networks in the area of guidance. His PhD dissertation thesis 2006 focused on the professional use of Internet based resources in career guidance. He has been a member in the European Commission Lifelong Guidance Expert Group 2002-2007 and a Board member in the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policies 2004-2007. For the next two years he will work as the coordinator of the new European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network which was established in Helsinki, May 7-8, 2007.

The IAEVG has been active over 50 years with a mission to advocate that all citizens who need and want educational and vocational guidance and counselling can receive this counselling from a competent and recognized professional. It gives recommendations on the nature and quality of guidance services and urges governments to enhance and maintain quality guidance practice and policy development. During the last years the IAEVG has actively involved in transnational evaluations on guidance policies. The IAEVG is recognized as a Non-Governmental Agency by e.g. UNESCO, UNEVOC; OECD and ILO. The IAEVG publish a scientific journal and organises annual conferences. The 2009 annual conference will be hosted by the University of Jyväskylä.

The IAEVG Board of consists of the 6 members of the Executive Committee and 7 additional members who normally meet once a year. The new Board members come from Europe, Canada, USA and South America. The Board has to govern the Association, take action to implement the resolutions of the General Assembly, operate within the framework of the Policies and Strategy of the Association, arrange the annual programme, examine and approve the preceding year’s report and budget.

Raimo Vuorinen
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