Dissemination of the research and development work of PGM

The peer group mentoring model is based on a longstanding research and development work. The model itself is a Finnish solution which is rooted in the educational traditions and practices in Finland. However, the research and development work has taken place in an international setting.

The model is being studied and further developed continuosly. A growing body of research literature of practices of teacher induction is emerging in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The first book in Finnish, based on the pilot projects in 2007-2010, was launched in 2010. By the end of 2011, the print was sold out. This is one reason why a new book of PGM was launched in August 2012. The 2012 volume is a throrougly rewritten book together with experts of the National Network for Teacher Indiction 'Osaava Verme'.

In Swedish, a book of peer-group mentoring has been launched in 2011. This book was edited by Jessica Aspfors and Sven-Erik Hansen from Åbo Akademi University, Vasa Unit.

In English a new book, entitled Peer Group Mentoring for Teacher Development, published by Routledge, was launched in May 2012.

Paper presentations and symposia held in international conferences and colloquims can be found in the columnn on the left hand side.