Towards leadership and management in guidance and counselling networks in Finland

Seija Nykänen
2011. 92 s. 25 e. Tilauskoodi: D096.

Teoksen verkkoversio (pdf)

What is the role of guidance in a changing society? How are guidance services linked to other services that promote lifelong learning and social inclusion? How can guidance be viewed as a part of a multiprofessional network? How are guidance services managed?

The book analyzes the significance of guidance for individuals and society in a Finnish context. Career education for children and adolescents is mainly organized at educational institutions. Young people and adults outside of education have access to guidance at employment and economic development offices. In the 2000s, a new approach to guidance has been adopted in Finland: it is viewed within the context of other parallel services enhancing lifelong learning and social inclusion. The creation of networks is necessary, as a single practitioner, professional group or organization can no longer alone respond to the clients’ increasingly diverse needs for guidance and learning support. The service network has indeed become a focal area for development and research in Finland.

The book presents a Finnish perspective on the development of guidance. It tells the international readers how guidance networks can contribute to individual wellbeing and the lifelong learning strategy, as well as to the enhancement of guidance quality and resource efficiency.

ISBN 978-951-39-4291-5