Towards Good Practices for Practice-Oriented Assessment in European Vocational Education

Marja-Leena Stenström & Kati Laine (toim.)

2006. 68 s. 21 euroa. Tilausnumero G030.



This report introduces elements of good practices on the practice-oriented assessment within the Leonardo da Vinci project 'Quality Assurance and Practice-Oriented Assessment in VET'. The focus of the QUAL-PRAXIS project is to identify current innovations and future developments in practices of and approaches to the assessment of work-based learning in European countries. The findings in this report are based on the case studies of each partner country: Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, and Ireland. Some common elements have been seen in the partner countries, although the targeted educational systems and the educational levels do vary from secondary to higher education.

The elements of good practices of practice-oriented assessment can be divided into two categories: learning and quality assurance. The elements concerning learning are assessment as a part of learning, reflection, self-assessment and feedback. The elements of quality assurance include authentic context, training for assessors, transparent assessment, joint assessment and multiplicity of methods. The common elements established in the project are similar to the elements of authentic assessment.

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