From the Margin to the Centre - Vom Rand in die Mitte

Capturing the Perspectives of Young People from European Minority Groups
Jugendliche von Minderheiten sagen ihre Meinung

Christian Fridrich (toim.)

Drava Verlag 2006. 318 s. 37 euroa. Tilausnumero E015.


"From the Margin to the Centre" is the result of a 7 country EU-project for the development of teacher training and materials for the education of minority students across Europe. This book gives background information on the situation of the minority group from Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain and then insight into the thoughts and perspectives of the minority children and youth themselves in their own words. The results are impressive: serious thinking, their challenges and hopes for the future. The book in its entirety is in English and German and each national section in the students' native languages: Roma, Greek, Finnish, Polish/Ukranian, Romanian and Spanish. The book provides materials which can be used in many ways by teachers, teacher trainers, guidance counselors, social workers, those interested in immigration and human rights and all interested in learning about those from other cultures. The book includes 7 languages and 2 cds of the youth themselves.

ISBN-10 3-85435-477-0, ISBN-13 978-3-85435-477-2