School differences and inequities in educational outcomes

t015.jpgPISA 2000 results of reading literacy in Finland

Antero Malin

2005. 176 s. 24 euroa. Tilausnro T015.


This study investigates the level and distribution of reading literacy performance in Finland both at the student and school level from the perspective of equity, using the international PISA 2000 reading literacy data. The main purposes were to find out the amount of the school differences in reading literacy performance, the force of the effects of selected background factors, and the extent to which the between-school as well as the total student variation were attributable to these factors.

There were some clear inequities in the student performance in Finland with respect to background factors that the individual students cannot escape or control. These inequity factors were associated with systematic variation between students and schools in reading literacy performance. The results also indicated that the inequities in performances can be reduced with the effort from students, parents and schools.

For interested readers, this study provides detailed analyses of the effects of selected background factors on reading literacy performance at the student and school level in Finland, based on two-level linear modelling. In addition, methodologically oriented researchers may benefit from reading this book.


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