Lasonen Johanna, senior researcher emerita

Lasonen Johanna, senior researcher emerita


Research area: Educational systems and society

From 2011 onwards Johanna Lasonen has worked according to the following yearly schedule:
From May 10th to July 31st: FIER
August 1st to May 9th: The University of Florida

Areas of expertise

Vocational Education, Career and Workforce Education, Ethnic and gender equality in schooling and workforce, Internationalization of and multiculturalism in education and work, Comparison of education systems

Research projects

  • Minorities’ access to education and careers
  • Recognition of immigrants’ competence and employment
  • Immigrant females’ experiences of workplace
  • Definition of learning outcomes in undergraduate programs: a case study
  • Evaluation of CTE/CWE graduate programs in the U.S.

Curriculum Vitae