Interaction and dialogue in learning communities

Team's newest and forthcoming publications

  • Sarja, A. & Arvaja, M. 2018. Läsnäoleva vuorovaikutus – sitä voi oppia. Ruusupuiston Uutiset 1.
  • Arvaja, M. & Sarja, A. 2018. Dialogic tensions in pre-service subject teachers’ identity negotiations. Submitted for publication
  • Sarja, A. & Arvaja, M. 2018. Constructing professional authorship: Reflexive pedagogy in higher education. Manuscript.
  • Arvaja, M. 2017. Tensions and striving for coherence in an academic's professional identity work. Teaching in Higher Education. Published online 21.09.2017.
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  • Sarja, A., Nyman, T., Ito, H. & Jaatinen, R. 2017. The foreign language teaching profession in Finnish and Japanese society: a sociocultural comparison. Pedagogy, Culture & Society 25 (2), 225-241.
  • Opettaja-lehti 12/2017: Vanas, A. Tarve tulla kohdatuksi. (An article about our research, in Finnish.)