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Finnish children still among the best in reading (5th December 2017)
Finnish teenagers’ civic knowledge still of high standard (7th November 2017)
Jussi Välimaa is the new Director of the Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER) (9th August, 2017)


Decline in Finnish fourth graders’ mathematics and science achievement (29th November, 2016)
PISA 2015: Finnish youth still at the top despite the drop (Ministry of Education and Culture press release, 6th December, 2016)
The Academy of Finland granted funding for the EANKS (Exiting academics in networked knowledge societies) research project (6th June, 2016)
PISA study: Finnish students learn career planning skills already at school (14 th April, 2016)


”Ohjaamo” one-stop guidance centres create new, low-threshold guidance services for young people (25th November 2015)
The Finnish Institute for Education Research continues conducting the PISA study (14th October 2015)
Raimo Vuorinen, Ph.D, was re-elected as the Vice-president of the International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance (IAEVG) (21st September 2015)
Young internet addicts are lonely and do not like school (18th August 2015)
International meeting of reading literacy researchers in Jyväskylä (10th August 2015)
Technology changing teacher's role (12th February 2015)


PISA 2012: Swedish-speaking students in Finland perform well in mathematics (30th October 2014)
New publication for immigrant educators (28th August 2014)
The Finnish PISA results reveal: Young people with an immigrant background clearly behind other students in mathematics (15th August 2014)
Finnish student performance in PISA 2012 problem-solving assessment one of the best (Ministry of Education and Culture press release 1st April)


PISA 2012: Proficiency of Finnish youth declining (Ministry of Education and Culture press release 3 December 2013)
Equity makes for better PISA results (11 November 2013)
Basic skills of Finnish adults one of the best in the OECD countries (8 October 2013)

Peda.net brings freely editable electronic high-school books to the market with a lifelong license (11 September 2013)


Theoria/Praxis/Poiesis Individualization as the constitution of sociality


Relational Dialectics in Intercultural Couples‘ Relationships (English Abstract)
Press Release (September 19, 2011). An International Seminar on Teacher Education in University of Jyväskylä, September 20, 2011: ”Practice architectures of teacher education”
Press release 13.9.2011
Press release 29.8.2011 (Statistics Finland)


Press release. December 7, 2010
The ELGPN 2009-10 Report will be published during the 7th ELGPN Plenary meeting 22 September 2010 in Lisbon
International study of 38 countries
Young people have little interest in politics and societal issues (Press Release, June 29, 2010)
From comprehensive school to the school of life.
Narratives of young adults` engagement in basic education and of
their life course following comprehensive school are at risk of
exclusion from vocational education and training (English Abstract)
Leadership and management in guidance and counselling networks: conceptions of actors
Moving towards leadership and management in networks? (English Abstract)



Designing and Investigating Pedagogical Scripts to Facilitate Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (English Abstract)
"Researchers should tell uncomfortable truths"


Ms. Taina Saarinen' s Academic dissertation 7.12.2007: Quality on the Move. Discursive construction of higher education policy from the perspective
of quality (English Abstract)

Mr. Pasi Savonmäki' s Academic dissertation 30.11.2007: Collegial collaboration among teachers in polytechnic: A micropolitical perspective on teachership (English Abstract)

Mr. David Hoffman' s Academic dissertation 17.11.2007: The Carreer Potential of Migrant Scholars in Finnish Higher Education:
Emerging Perspectives and Dynamics (English Abstract)

Ms. Sari Sulkunen's Academic dissertation 17.11.2007: Text Authenticity in Interantional Reading Literacy Assessment. Focusing on PISA 2000
(English Abstract)

Mr. Pasi Reinikainen' s Academic dissertation 26.10.2007: TV, Pop-quizzes and group work may hinder educational achievement

PhD Raimo Vuorinen was nominated as an IAEVG board member

Ms. Inga Arffman' s Academic dissertation 14.9.2007: The Problem of Equivalence in Translating Texts in International Reading Literacy Studies
(English Abstract)


Mr. Raimo Vuorinen' s Academic dissertation 6.10.2006: The Internet in guidance or guidance in the Internet? Perceptions of guidance
practitioners on the use of the Internet as a tool in guidance.

Ms. Kati Mäkitalo' s Academic dissertation 10.2.2006: Interaction in Online Learning Environments:
How to Support Collaborative Activities in Higher Education Settings


Mr. Matti Taajamo' s Academic dissertation 26.11.2005: Foreign students in Finland. Experiences of studying and learning, life and diversity. (English Abstract)

New research on ICT and education published

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