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Keynote speakers

The keynotes were recorded and the videos can be viewed at: https://m3.jyu.fi/jyumv/ohjelmat/erillis/ktl/cher-2017

The pathkey to the videos has been sent to all CHER participants by email. If you have not received the pathkey, please email Taru Siekkinen at taru.siekkinen@jyu.fi.

The keynote-speakers of the CHER-conference 2017 are:

Imanol Ordorika, professor of sociology and education at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 


Brian Pusser, associate professor, educational policy and higher education. University of Virginia, Curry School of Education. 


Susan Lee Robertson, professor of education, faculty of education, University of Cambridge. 

Abstract: Power Shift in the Power Houses:  Europe, Higher Education and the Seismic Winds of Change

Susan L. Robertson, University of Cambridge, UK

This keynote presentation examines major political, economic and cultural changes taking place within and across European countries, with significant implications for the relationship between the state and higher education. In this keynote I ask a number of fundamental questions, as higher education sits on the edge of seismic changes taking place in the sector, its political institutions, and the wider society. Has the Bologna process exhausted itself, and if so, what are the implications of this for the European higher education project? As a knowledge powerhouse put to work to drive individual and economic development, to what extent have European universities compromised themselves regarding their fundamental missions?  And finally, to what extent, and how, might higher education institutions play a role in mediating security, nationalist, xenophobic, and nativist tendencies which are being exploited by factions within political systems? 

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