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Change in Networks, Higher Education and Knowledge Societies (CINHEKS)

This international comparative research project will analyse how higher education institutions (HEIs) are networked within distinct knowledge societies within - and across - Europe, the USA and Japan. The study will illuminate the nature of linkages between academics, HEIs and crucial actors within the dynamics of knowledge production in these regions.

The objectives of CINHEKS are based on the juxtaposition of historically distinct societies, global policy debates and conceptually defined empirical data, chosen to reveal their key similarities or differences. These objectives are:

  • The historical analysis of key features shaping and explaining contextual differences underlying present patterns of knowledge production.
  • The analysis of policy discourse explaining how nation states and regions have understood and promoted the development of knowledge transfer and use.
  • Empirical studies based on institutional case studies and surveys explaining the way in which basic units, HEIs and academics are networked in distinct knowledge societies.
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The CINHEKS project is part of the EUROCORES / EuroHESC Program, coordinated by the European Science Foundation. All project partners are funded by their respective national funding agencies or self-funded. The project duration is three years: 1 October, 2009 - 1 October, 2012.

The CINHEKS project team are located in six different countries, across three continents: Finland, Germany, Japan, Portugal, the UK and the USA.

CINHEKS Publications

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Contact information

Professor Jussi Välimaa
Project Leader,
Principal Investigator

Senior Researcher David M. Hoffman
Project Manager
Co-Principal Investigator +358-40-805 4247

P.O. Box 35
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