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Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER), University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND


Individual Project Description

CINHEKS is coordinated by the FIER. In addition the FIER is responsible for the regional comparison (Europe, USA and Japan), as well as the policy analysis element of CINHEKS.

Substantively, the FIER, focuses on analytically significant contrasts between European, American (USA) and Japanese knowledge societies. A mixed methods comparative analysis will explain the most salient differences and similarities in HEI-networks in these distinct regions and the implications these have for higher education and social change.

Administratively, project co-ordination is also handled by the FIER, the specific objective of which is Collaborative Research Project (CRP) management with regard to addressing the project objectives within the specified period of time, within the requested budget and at the standard of excellence – as a group – that presently characterizes the scholarship of each individual project (IP) team.

The FIER IP is funded by the Academy of Finland.

Project Personnel

Professor Jussi Välimaa
Project Leader,
Principal Investigator
E-mail: jussi.p.valimaa@jyu.fi

Senior Researcher David M. Hoffman
Co-Principal Investigator
E-mail: david.hoffman@jyu.fi

Researcher Terhi Nokkala
E-mail: terhi.p.nokkala@jyu.fi


Contact Information

P.O. Box 35
University of Jyväskylä

+358-40-805 4247


About the Finnish Institute for Educational Research and University of Jyväskylä

The Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER) is a multidisciplinary centre for educational research, assessment and development in Finland. The FIER is part of the University of Jyväskylä. Its long research experience, broad range of the fields of study and multidisciplinary approach together with the number of its researchers and the volume of its publications make the FIER in national terms a unique and in international terms a major unit of educational research.

The national task of the FIER includes investigating, assessing and developing the Finnish educational system and school culture. Its research covers the entire educational system from pre-school to higher education and to the links between vocational and academic education and working life. Co-operation with schools, educational administrators, workplaces, policy-makers and the media is a key element in the strategy aiming at increasing the effectiveness of research findings.

Growing international collaboration and exchange of researchers have marked the activities of the FIER during the whole course of its existence. Today the FIER has worldwide contacts and collaboration with the leading research groups and institutions on all continents. The FIER collaborates extensively with the OECD, various EU Agencies, IEA, and UNESCO.

Publications are an essential aspect of the FIER’s activities, research process and research collaboration. During its existence the FIER has published nearly 1,000 books and serial publications. Current FIER publications comprise three scientific series, research-based books, the Finnish Educational Journal Kasvatus and Peda-forum, the Finnish Journal of University Pedagogy.

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