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Internationales Zentrum für Hochschulforschung (INCHER)-Kassel Universität Kassel, GERMANY


Individual Project Description

To the overall project, the INCHER Kassel contributes a historical analysis of key features shaping and explaining contextual differences underlying present patterns of knowledge production in Europe, the USA and Japan. Therefore the historical analysis aims to establish the extent to which differences and commonalities of policies and developments concerning the relation of higher education and knowledge societies at the beginning of the 21st century reflect prior developments and policies. To examine how the interaction between higher education institutions and their societies has developed over time in the different countries / regions in the scope of the project this individual project conducts a comparative study on four historical stages: the prehistory and historical legacies of the 19s century, the educational expansion and expansion of higher education systems up to the 1970s, the emergence and rise of knowledge societies the end of the 1970s and in the 1980s as well as recent developments of fully-fledged knowledge societies.

Furthermore INCHER accounts for the institutional profiles of German higher education institutions and case studies in German universities.


Project Personnel

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Teichler
Phone: (49) (0561) 804 24 15 or 804 24 17
Fax: (49) (0561) 804 33 01 or 804 74 15

E-Mail: teichler@incher.uni-kassel.de

Anna Kosmützky, Dipl. Soz.
E-Mail: kosmuetzky@incher.uni-kassel.de

Research Assistant:
Amy Ewen
E-mail: aewen.kassel@gmail.com


Contact Information

Institutional address:
Internationales Zentrum für Hochschulforschung

Universität Kassel
Mönchebergstrasse 17
34109 Kassel

Phone: (49) (0561) - 804 2415
Fax: (49) (0561) - 804 7415
E-Mail: mail@incher.uni-kassel.de



The International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER) Kassel is an interdisciplinary research unit at the University of Kassel (Germany) established in 1978. Today, about 30 scholars of different ranks and funded by different national and international sources are active in research.
The Centre aims to contribute both to the theoretical and methodological advancement of research and to the provision of practically relevant and systematic knowledge on higher education. Internationally comparative approaches are of special significance for the research at INCHER. Recent studies, for example, addressed university graduates, study cost and funding as well as academic careers in various European countries. Various projects compare different national systems of higher education and were conducted in co-operation with international partners. Furthermore symposiums were arranged in international co-operations.
About 2,000 publications, published by INCHER-members prove the productivity of the research of the INCHER. Some of the major research results are published in the Centre’s three book and brochure series. Others have been published by various publishing companies or at other institutions. Roughly one third of all publications are published in English. In addition to that many are translated, e.g. in French, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish and Polish.
The Centre was awarded substantial grants over the years for projects from the European Commission, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology and the Volkswagen Foundation. Various projects were undertaken in direct cooperation with other agencies, e.g. the German Academic Exchange Service, the Rectors' Conference, the CRE - European Association of Universities, with research institutes in other countries, e.g. the European Institute of Education and Social Policy and the Japan Institute of Labour, and through the establishment of teams of cooperating researchers both in Germany and across various countries. The Kassel Centre is happy to regularly welcome guest researchers from other countries. Colleagues from Albania, Argentina, China, Czech Republic, Japan, Hungary, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Romania, Slovakia, Tanzania and from the USA stayed at INCHER for a longer period.

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