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Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research (IN+), Instituto Superior Técnico, PORTUGAL


Individual Project Description (IP5)

The aim of IP5 is to implement a web-based survey specified by the PIs of all partners, in order to facilitate the statistical generalizations needed to perform the regional comparison and contrast of
HEI networks in Europe, the USA and Japan (IP1, IP6 & AP1). In order to do this the analytical focus developed in IPs 2 – 4 will be probed in terms of a web-based survey incorporating the statistical expertise of PI Horta. In this regard, the analytical generalizations – to theory – developed in the cross-case analysis in IP4 are of particular importance. This is because analytical generalizations are the basis for statistical generalizations – to the specific populations – that will be specified by the CINHEKS team of PIs, within the sequential, explanatory mixed methods design guiding the CRP.

The general approach adopted by the survey team incorporates an institutional perspective that illuminates and explains organizational change and adaptation in HEIs at higher education in changing environments. The perception of organizational adaptation in HEIs includes analysis of intra and inter-institutional structural arrangements and established networks. The understanding of higher education structural change and disposition of network arrangements enables an understanding of how HEIs are facing and dealing with the following challenges:

a) the increasingly complexity of knowledge production (size and interdisciplinarity of research teams);
b) the diffusion of knowledge among peers (information exchange/collaboration patterns) and to students (nexus between research and teaching activities at various levels of tertiary education);
c) the need to raise the awareness of science for the general public (engagement in public understanding of knowledge related activities);
d) the transfer of knowledge to firms and the promotion of entrepreneurial culture (for commercial application; creation of start-ups; university related high-tech clusters);
e) informing / supporting public policy decisions with a scientific base.

Project Personnel

PI - Dr. Hugo Horta

Post Doctoral Researcher - Brígida Blasi

Contact Information

Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research (IN+),
Instituto Superior Técnico,
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisbon, Portugal.
Phone: +351.218.417.379;
Fax: +351.218.496.156.
Email: hugo.horta@dem.ist.utl.pt

About IN+

The activities of the Centre are multidisciplinary, linking basic and applied research to technology development, and focused on the issues of sustainability, namely in terms of the needs to secure the quality of the environment, together with the management of energy resources and the economic development. To achieve these objectives, the activities of the Centre are directed towards leading-edge developments and to promote the learning ability of graduate engineering students with the following specific goals:

  • To improve knowledge in advanced fields of strategic technologies with emphasis on turbulent mixing and combustion processes, which have the potential to optimise the environment and the rational use of energy in industry;
  • To develop and use advanced techniques for the analysis, monitoring and control of processes at laboratory and industrial scale, the later including technology and risk assessment.
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge in advanced technologies for the optimisation of industrial processes, including the management of technology and innovation, as a way to promote competitive advantages at the corporate level;
  • To derive science and technology policies and innovation strategies, namely in terms of environmental protection, rational use of energy and economic growth.
In this context, besides the development of basic research in energy and environmental-related processes, the Centre thus undertakes interdisciplinary research involving technology and policy, promoting ways in which industrial development can proceed in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

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